Release Notes for All Versions

Version 11.3.1 February 18, 2018

Fix- Positive Handicaps - Some reports were showing positive handicap as "-" instead of "+"

Version 11.2.6 February 2, 2018

Change- Score Cards - Extra line printed if golfer had no handicap and stroke dots were selected.

Change- Score Cards - If a golfer was a guest, the initial printed before the 10th hole was incorrect.

Version 11.2.5 January 5, 2018

Change- Score Cards - The golfer's initials are now printed just before hole number 10.

Version 11.2.4 July 28, 2017

Fix- Payout - The payout screen will be displayed when you return from the Preview screen if you select NOT to save the payout data, otherwise you will be returned to the main screen.

Version 11.2.3 July 22, 2017

Change/Fix- Score Entry - The course will be saved so each time you run the Score Entry it will be the same course until it is changed.  The tees played will be set to the course default or golfer's Always play tee.

Version 11.2.2 June 9, 2017

Change- Handicap Listing - The last score played area now has the Mix Tee handicap and net displayed providing that the Payout function was run for the tournament.

Version 11.2.1 May 27, 2017

Fix- Payout History - If club abbreviations were less than 4 characters then the club name would appear multiple times.

Version 11.2.0 May 26, 2017

Fix- Results - Combined tournaments when a golfer did not have a handicap caused an error.

Multiple reports where percent of handicap can be used - The program is now consistent in applying the percent of handicap. It now applies the percent after all other adjustments to the handicap have been applied (e.g. Mix Tee).


Score entry - Now the course that will be chosen will be the last course used.  Before it was always the first course in the list.

Handicap Listing - The date on the report is always the last date of handicap revision. Removed a date selection option.

Version 11.1.0 January 1, 2017

New - Version 11 released. What's in this version; see NewIn11

Version 10.4.4 November 20, 2016


Default Printer - If a printer was changed in the program, the program did not reset the printer to what it was prior to the program being run. The printer is now restored.

Version 10.4.3 October 21, 2016


File Checking - Code used for developing was removed.

Version 10.4.2 August 30, 2016


Add member - The first member added to a new club caused an erroneous error but did not cause a problem.

Version 10.4.1 April 5,, 2016


Checking members - On some occasions an error when checking to see if a golfer is already in the database..

Version 10.4.0 February 13, 2016


Score Cards - The shading of score cards was not being turned on and off correctly.


Score Cards - You can now add one additional row for each score card.

Results - You can now specify a percentage of handicap for men  and women (0 to 100).

Version 10.3.7 February 2, 2016


Score Cards - You can now adjust up or down the location of the dots on the score cards


Score Cards - Golfers with positive handicaps will now have a + sign on holes where a stroke is added.

Version 10.3.6 January 31, 2016


Score Cards - Long Tee names were overlaying the yardage.

Version 10.3.5 January 24, 2016


Program Preferences - Some of the program preferences were not being saved.

Version 10.3.4 January 18, 2016


Stableford - An incorrect hole score was assigned if the scored was over +4.  Now any score of  +4 or more is assigned the +4 points.

Version 10.3.3 January 9, 2016


Program modified to improve execution speed in many places

Version 10.3.2 September 16, 2015


Skins - The skins payout on the Skins report did not always match the skins payout on the Payout report

Version 10.3.1 August 8, 2015


Skins - When you assign skin handicaps as percents you have the option of rounding the resulting handicaps that end with a .5 up or down.  You can also assign different percents to men and women.

Payout - Skins same as above.

Version 10.3.0 July 21, 2015


Skins - Error when no skins were won and total payout was checked.

Skins - When Playing par 3's as gross score the strokes allocated were not all distributed if any of the par 3's were handicapped within the handicap of the golfer.  Now all strokes are allocated.

User Report - Some column heading were mislabeled based on the handicap system being used.

User Report - If the report is exported and the "Remove any handicap suffix before export" is checked any index had its decimal point removed.

Version 10.2.9 June 3, 2015


Edit Golfer - Overflow error could occur when editing a golfer's record.

Version 10.2.8 May 18, 2015


Score Card - You can no longer add 2 scores for the same golfer, course, and date.

Add Golfer - A notice is given if you try and add a golfer who is already in the database but marked as Inactive.

Version 10.2.7 April 20, 2015


Score Card - If golfers did not have handicaps then no yardage would print on the score cards.

Version 10.2.6 April 18, 2015


Score Card - If the default tee is changed while entering a score it will stay in affect while the program is active.  This is the way it worked in previous versions.

User Report - Override handicap suffixes were not being removed when "Remove any handicap suffix before export" was checked.


Most Improved Golfer - A golfer no longer has to have an index as of the first date of the range selected.  Golfers will be included as long as they have an index as of the last date of the range.  The report now has the date of first index.

Version 10.2.5 March 8, 2015


Save files - A condition could arise that causes the program error when saving files.

Version 10.2.4 February 15, 2015


Net Handicaps - For nine hole clubs only; if a golfer had a positive handicap the net score was not calculated correctly.


Reports - Some of the reports that used most of the page to display were being truncated by some users printers.  We have added the ability to reduce the page to a percent of the original size so it will display and print the entire line.

Several minor cosmetic changes.

Version 10.2.3 February 8, 2015


Score Entry - Screen could go blank when double clicking on a score already enter to edit it.

Course Markers - Several errors corrected and some fields moved for better look.


Team Play - You can now reload the selection list so that a person can be included in teams more than once.

Version 10.2.2 February 5, 2015


Skins Report - Some of the footer notes were misplaced.


Build teams - You can now reload the selection list so that a person can be included in teams more than once.

Version 10.2.1 February 3, 2015


Skins Report - Limiting handicap did not work.

Version 10.2.0 January 29, 2015


Delete Score - Wrong score being deleted.


Skins Report - You can now have the skins report show how many strokes a golfer gets on each hole.

Version 10.1.6 January 27, 2015


Skins Report - The mix tee adjustment was not being applied correctly.

Skins & Results Reports - Flights were being assigned before any mix tee adjustments which may cause some golfers to be assigned to the wrong flight.

Results Report - If a golfer has a positive handicap it may print as "-" rather than "+".

Version 10.1.5 January 21, 2015


Golfer Record & Course Record - The State field has been increased to 5 characters.

Golfer Record - The email address validity routine has been expanded.


Tournament Delete - Error when trying to delete a tournament.

Saving Reports - Some reports (Cart Signs...) were truncated.

Version 10.1.4 January 19, 2015


Add Score, Scoring Sheet, Build Teams - The method of selecting the default tee for men and women have been changed to accommodate anyone who entered the tees from the longest to shortest.  However the default tees can also be set to any tee by editing the golf courses.

Skins - When playing skins with the enhanced method the golfer's hole being used is now highlighter as bold for easier identification.

Several Screens - We have added wait indicators to show the program is working.

Version 10.1.3 January 10, 2015


Restore - Error when last backup was deleted.

Version 10.1.2 January 9, 2015


Some additional wait indications included.

Version 10.1.1 January 5, 2015


The minimize and maximize buttons have been restored to the main screen.

Version 10.1.0 January 3, 2015


Version 10 is released

  • Most forms can now be resized.

  • You can now have multiple saved teams instead of just one or two.

  • Teams can also be formed by the tee being played.

  • Multiple backup files can be kept in the same folder and you can choose which to restore by date and time it was backed up.

  • The Score Detail and Handicap Audit reports can now have each golfer on a separate page.

  • The Closest to the Hole report and been changed to Course Signs and you can print your own sign along with closest to the hole markers.  You also can print only certain holes (e.g. not all the par 3’s).

  • You can now Export to a Comma Separated Variable (.csv) the Payout, Results, and Skins reports.

  • The Results report will now allow you to combine multiple tournaments.  Only golfers that played in all the tournaments will be included for obvious reasons.

  • There have also been minor fixes.

Version 9.7.1 September 3, 2014


  • Handicap Calculation - Code clean up and should run faster.

Version 9.7.0 August 18, 2014


  • Handicap Index Calculation - Some handicap indexes could be calculated and be a maximum on.1 off (e.g. a golfer's index may have shown as 26.2 and should have been 26.1).

Version 9.6.2 June 29, 2014


  • Score Cards - Score cards can now be printed from 75% to 125% of normal size.  When using a percent larger that 100 you should print it in landscape mode which can be selected from the score format screen.

Version 9.6.1 June 18, 2014


  • Front or Back Form - When there was a tie on a Nine Hole Club the program mistakenly ask if the front or back was played first

Version 9.6.0 June 8, 2014


  • Score Entry Form - There can be errors if updating a score that has already been entered and the default tees were not used.

Version 9.5.9 May 19, 2014


  • Tournament Detail - Did not show MHS in excess of 9 correctly.  Now shows MHS as red without the minus sign.

  • Print Results - When printing multiple reports at once it would terminate after a tie breaker was needed for a tournament.


  • Score Cards - Can now assign a percent of handicap to use for men and women.

  • Front or Back Tie Breaker - There is not default for front or back you must choose one to continue.

Version 9.5.8 April 12, 2014


  • Misc - Spelling corrections.

Version 9.5.7 March 21, 2014


  • User Report - When paging backwards and sorted descending the top two members were lost.

Version 9.5.6 January 22, 2014


  • Analysis Report - In addition to the percent of Eagles, Birdies, Par, etc. we have added the actual number that were made for the time period being analyzed.

Version 9.5.5 January 19, 2014


  • Payout Report - If total prize money was $1,000 or more it did not get distributed to the low net game.

Version 9.5.4 January 13, 2014


  • Skins Report - You can now set a maximum handicap for golfers.  It will also distribute prize money.

Version 9.5.3 January 11, 2014


  • Handicap Audit Report - Had a rounding issue that may effect the golfers index.

Version 9.5.2 December 26, 2013


  • Callaway - Put back in the ability to select how many positions to pay.

Version 9.5.1 December 4, 2013


  • Delete club - This function use to rename the deleted club but this could cause errors if ever used again. Now the files are deleted.


  • Name changed - The reduced gross score is now called MHS or Maximum Handicap Score. This scores is only used for calculating the handicap.

Version 9.5.0 October 29 2013


  • Entire program changed to comply with Trade and Service marks of another organization.

Version 9.4.7 October 13, 2013


  • Payout - When changing the number of flights the payout's may not redistribute correctly.

  • Payout Report - When selecting a smaller font there were some lines that did not change.

  • User Report - Spelling corrections.

Version 9.4.6 October 7, 2013


  • Golf Course - Course can not be deleted without a club file open.  This is because all scores played on the course must also be deleted. 

  • Golf Course - If you enter tees and do not fill them from top to bottom and leave a line blank the program will now eliminate the blank line by moving tees up.

Version 9.4.5 September 29, 2013


  • Golf Course - Errors in course yardage when displayed.

Version 9.4.4 September 29, 2013


  • Golf Course - Errors in course edit where yardage was displayed incorrectly.

Version 9.4.3 September 23, 2013


  • Golf Course - Errors may occur when no yardage was entered for the course. This may occur when printing courses.

Version 9.4.1 September 19, 2013


  • Registration fix - Some times registration code would fail. This version should be installed by all users.

Version 9.4.0 August 5, 2013


  • Score Cards - You can now reduce the size of the score card down to 75% of the original size.


  • User Report - The export function when the suffix was removed caused a problem with golfers that did not have a handicap.

  • Golfer Record - The override handicap reason codes were allowing "ns" and "na" which are reserved for the programs use.  If you had used these codes it will not cause anything except for perhaps some confusion when reading reports.

Version 9.3.5 July 21, 2013


  • Course record - Three fields have been added to the course database; green fee, email address and a user defined field.  You can assign a name to the user defined field that will appear as column heading on reports.


  • Member record - You can now assign a name to the user field that will appear as column heading on reports.

  • User Report - The user field heading was not calculated which could cause the heading to be truncated.

Version 9.3.4 July 18, 2013


  • User Report - Course fields lengths were not calculated correctly.

  • Team Play Stableford - Erroneous character in front of each name.

Version 9.3.3 July 2, 2013


  • Edit Club - May get an error 9 when running.

  • Stableford - May get and error 9 when running

  • Scoring Cards - Yardage would not print.

Version 9.3.2 June 22, 2013


  • Cart Sign - Had error when run without any golf courses defined.

  • Handicap Audit - Export data fixed.

  • Scoring Sheet - Error when run without golfer defined.

  • Payout - Now you can pay closest to the hole as full payout or just number of holes won.

  • Payout - When games are checked or unchecked there will be a recalculation of the prize money.


  • Scoring Sheet, Build Teams, Score Cards, and Cart Signs - The members playing, date, tee played will not change as you go between these reports.

Version 9.3.1 May 25, 2013


§         Handicap Audit Report – When no scores over one year was selected and a specific date for the handicap was selected the first line of the golfer’s scores might have a wrong handicap .


Version 9.3.0 May 21, 2013


§         Backup/Restore – User reports were not backed up.

Version 9.2.7 Selective distribution


§         Score Card - error when a person did not have a first name.

Version 9.2.6 Selective distribution


§         Score cards - Now it does not clear out the selection list when a restored file is run.

Version 9.2.5 April 16, 2013


§         Handicap calculation – When you select “Don’t use scores more than 1 year old” the program use to calculate the 1 year from the current date.  It now calculates the one year from the handicap revision date.

Version 9.2.4 March 31, 2013


§         User Report – You can now select the Tee being played if you are also selecting a handicap for a course.

Version 9.2.3 March 25, 2013


§         Score Cards – You can now have the handicap dots placed at the top or bottom of the hole score area.

Version 9.2.2 February 28, 2013


§         Golfer – Added a “user” field to the golfer information.

Version 9.2.1 February 26, 2013


§         Handicaps were not being limited to scores less than 1 year old when being set to limited.

§         Handicap Listing – Report did not have the vertical lines separating the report in two parts.

§         Handicap Listing – When data was exported the data was not in the correct columns according to the headings.

Version 9.2.0 February 20, 2013


§         Golfer – You can now have an override handicap automatically removed based on the scores a golfer has on file.


§         User Report – The player’s last score did not always show the last score.

Version 9.1.8 January 30, 2013


§         Score Entry – If a player had their handicap limited and you changed the tee they will play there was no check to see if the new handicap exceeded the handicap limi

Version 9.1.7 January 25, 2013


§         Build Teams, Team Play – Invalid and wrong length save team files.

Version 9.1.6 January 22, 2013


§         Cart Listing – The clip board did not contain the entire screen if there was more than one column.

Version 9.1.5 January 21, 2013


§         Handicap Listing – You can now have the option of printing the left side of the report without mix tee adjustments.


§         Create Golf Course – There was an error when entering the yardage if the first hole was a specific number.

Version 9.1.4 January 16, 2013


§         Score Card – Error 380 fixed. Error occurred in some cases where less than 2 golf courses were present.

Version 9.1.3 January 14, 2013


§         Stableford – Handicaps can be in error when “% of Handicap to use” is less than 100%.

Version 9.1.2 January 12, 2013


§         You can indicate which tee a golfer will always play.  This is set by editing the golfer and setting which tee box they will always play.  This is a number from 1 to the number of tee boxes entered on the course.  If the number is larger than the number of tees on the course the tee will revert to the default tee for the golfer (default is first tee for women and second tee for men).


§         Handicap listing – Moved some report fields to make the report fit the screen better.

§         Misc – Some reports that require individual hole scores to be entered were displaying.

Version 9.1.1 January 8, 2013


§         Score Cards & Cart Signs – Only the saved score card teams were shown.  Now both the Build  Team and Score Cards teams are displayed (as previous versions).

Version 9.1.0 January 1, 2013

New Reports

§         Most Improved Golfer – There is a new report that ranks golfer on their improvement in their handicap over the period you select

§         Best Hole Scores – This report looks at all scores for a course and selects the lowest score shot on each hole.  The result is a gross score for a hypothetical round where the golfer shot their best score ever on each hole.

§         User Define Reports – You can now design you own report based on the information kept for golfers and courses.  The report formats can be saved for future use.

§         Cart Signs – You can now print signs to affix to each cart with golfers names, start times, user line and your own background image.


§         Scoring Sheet, Score Cards, Build Teams, Handicap Listing – You can now select which tee each golfer will be playing.

§         Skins – Can now be calculated as before but have all par 3’s calculated at gross score while all other holes calculated at net score.

§         Analysis Report - The analysis report now shows each golfer's most and least favorite hole based on all scores in the database.  The most favorite is the one where the average gross score is the lowest against par and the least is where the average for the hole is the greatest against par.

§         Handicap Limits - You can now set a limit for a handicaps no matter what the program calculates.  If this option is chosen then all handicaps will be calculated normally then the limit will be applied.

§         Score Cards - If only one sex is playing the yardage, handicap holes, and par will only be shown for that sex.

§         Score Cards – Now box to record a score can be divided in two with a diagonal line.

§         Course Edit - You can now duplicate a course.  This is handy when there are temporary conditions at a course.

§         Tournament Edit – A tournament can now be deleted or have the date changed.  There is a new Edit Tournament selection.  A tournament is defined as all scores shot on the same date and course.

§         Scoring Sheet – This report can now be exported to a CSV disk file.

§         Back/Restore – These functions will now back up and restore any user defined reports in addition to the other databases.

§         Main screen – You  can now use you own picture for the programs main screen by including a file in the program folder named either ghcpUserMain.jpg or ghcpUserMain.bmp

§         Most Improved and Analysis Calendar – After selecting a “From” date the “To” date will automatically set to the last day of the year selected in the “From” date.

§         Open Club – Screen now shows the club name, number of members, number of score, and the windows disk file name of the golfer database (.hcg).  The score database has the same name but a suffix of .hcs.

§         On reports were all items in a list can be selected there have been a change that speeds up the process.

§         Minor fixes and cosmetic changes.

Version 8.6.6 August 17, 2011


§         Golfer – There were cases where a duplicate golfer name could be added to the database.

Version 8.6.5 June 21, 2011


§         Analysis Report – The score type of “Home” was added to the score type to include in the report.

Version 8.6.4 June 15, 2011


§         Scoring Sheet & Score Cards – Did not exclude the mix tee adjustment when mix tee adjustment was turned off.

Version 8.6.3 May 28, 2011


§         Team Play Stableford scoring – Errors occurred when the values assigned to Stableford were negative additional fix

§         Select Games Played – Erroneous character in front of golfer’s name.

Version 8.6.2 May 26, 2011


§         Team Play Stableford scoring – Errors occurred when the values assigned to Stableford were negative.

§         Team Play – Erroneous character in front of golfer’s name.

Version 8.6.1 May 16, 2011


§         Print Score Cards – In some cases the hole yardage did not print in the cards.

Version 8.6.0 May 12, 2011


§         Payout & Results – The ties breaker algorithm has been fixed. In cases where the handicap of the golfers in the tie was only 1 different the program could give the wrong winner.

§         Payout & Results – A winner is now shown even if no hole scores were entered.


§         Payout & Results – The program now determines the winner or best score by strokes under par.  This method only makes a difference if men’s and women’s par on the course are not equal.  Therefore the person whose net score to par is the lowest is the winner.

§         Score entry – Added a score type of “H” for home.  This score type has no effect on handicap calculation.  Only type “T” and “TI” can effect a handicap .

§         Reduce number of scores kept – A “wait” notice is now shown when you reduce the number of scores to keep.

Version 8.5.2 April 12, 2011


§         Score Card Entry – The program would have an overflow error if you had entered a score for a golfer that did not have a handicap and then clicked on Show Score Added then doubled clicked on that golfer.

Version 8.5.1 March 24, 2011


§         All tournament results – You can now turn off the adjustment for mix tee play by going to Edit | Preference | Club and on the Misc tab check the corresponding button.  With the adjustment turned off you will be penalizing the golfer playing the tee with the higher rating.  It is strongly suggested that you not turn this off.

Version 8.5.0 February 1, 2011


§         Print Score Cards – If you tried to print score cards and there were no yards input to the data base the program would generate an error and nothing would print or preview.

Version 8.4.9 January 30, 2011


§         Team Play – You can now add a golfer to team play more then once.

Version 8.4.8 January 29, 2011


§         Handicaps – The handicaps for positive handicap golfers did no always round correctly.

§         Scoring Sheet – Did not show non-slope tee ratings and mix tee adjustments.

Version 8.4.7 December 6, 2010


§         Handicap Listing – There were erroneous tournament score adjustments applied to a golfer that did not have enough scores to calculate a handicap but had an override handicap when this golfer followed a golfer that had an adjustment applied.

Version 8.4.6 September 9, 2010


§         Select Games (exclude from games) – There were 3 erroneous characters in front of each golfer’s name.  It did not affect any outcome.

Version 8.4.5 August 16, 2010


§         Payout – In a rare case the program could loop.

Version 8.4.4 August 11, 2010


§         Course file – If two courses were added at the same time without exiting the program between adds they both could have the same course abbreviation which causes program problems.

Version 8.4.3 July 5, 2010


§         Course file – There was a case when you added a new course that it could have the same course abbreviation as one already being used.


§         Stableford and Callaway – Can now have the payout position dollars changed.

§         Flights – Now if golfers have the same handicaps the golfers will be divided into flights with the lowest handicap going into the flight with the lowest handicaps.

§         About screen – Windows 7 is now identified.

Version 8.4.2 May 30, 2010


§         Handicaps – There was an error in calculating the handicaps in some cases. This only happened when a case where the rounding number was exactly .5 and the whole part was even.  This would be rare.

Version 8.4.1 May 25, 2010


§         Delete Score – There was potential error when deleting a score that the wrong score would be deleted.

Version 8.4.0 May 23, 2010


§        Handicaps – There was an error in calculating the handicaps in some cases.

§         Stableford & Tout Detail – Mix tee play indicator incorrect if handicap less than 10.


§         Program over all – Changes made to improve performance.  Spelling errors fixed.

Version 8.3.4 April 29, 2010


§         Handicap Audit & Labels – Could not print these reports.

Version 8.3.3 April 15, 2010


§         All printing – The printing fix applied on version 8.3.1 caused other errors.  It is backed out.

Version 8.3.2 April 14, 2010


§         Score Card – When entering scores the handicaps were not getting updated.

Version 8.3.1 April 13, 2010


§         All printing – The program would hang if printing to a printer that was not functioning correctly.

Version 8.3.0 March 29, 2010


§         Score Cards – The handicaps for the course are now adjusted for men and women playing different tees.  The adjustment is printed at the bottom of the cards.

Version 8.2.1 March 27, 2010


§         Scoring Sheet – The handicaps for the course are now adjusted for men and women playing different tees.  The adjustment is printed at the bottom of the report.

Version 8.1.0 January 28, 2010


§         The reports showing tournament results now are adjust for playing different tees if more than one tee is played in a tournament (e.g. men and women playing different tees).   The person playing the tee with the highest tee rating will have their handicap increased by the difference in the tee rating for calculating results.

§         Closest to the hole cards now printed with the hole number on the bottom of the card in addition to the top

§         Score Entry – If you enter two scores for the same person, date, and course you will be asked if that’s what you want.

§         Payout – You can now selectively include and exclude golfers from any game being played.  You have complete control by game.

§         Handicap Labels – You now have a choice of printing labels as before or printing handicap cards on Avery business card stock (e.g. Avery 8876).

§         Score Card – All the information on the score card entry will remain the same until the program is shut down (e.g. course, date, tee, etc.)

§         Skins Calculation – A new more equitable method of calculating skins has been added called the Enhanced method.  There is a thorough explanation of the problem it addresses and the method used in this document under Skins.

§         Program changes making the program more efficient.

Version 7.2.4 October 21, 2009


§         An intermittent record zero error when then month changed.

Version 7.2.3 August 6, 2009


§         Edit Club – There was a potential “record zero” error when saving the club after editing the club variables.

Version 7.2.2 August 2, 2009


§         Score Add – There was an intermittent error when adding scores.

§         Spelling errors.

Version 7.2.1 July 31, 2009


§         Payout – There was an error when trying to print the payout report from the print preview screen

§         Stableford – There were errors when the flights by sex option was selected.

§         Score Add – There was an intermittent error when adding scores.


§         Skins – Skins can now be played off the lowest handicap in the flight.  This is the preferred method.

Version 7.2.0 May 30, 2009


§         Score Entry – When scores were entered with only Gross and ESC scores then edited from the “Show Scores Added” no scores were shown.

§         Score Entry – The scores shown in the “Show Scores Added” list may not be correct.

§         Miscellaneous cosmetic and spelling errors.

Version 7.1.9 April 3, 2009


§         Score Card Print - A blank page is no longer printed.

Version 7.1.8 December 20, 2008


§         Payout -“ ERR:9=Subscript out of range” error fixed that could occur on some cases.

§         Payout – Total prize money reverted to calculated amount when certain fields were changed.  Now the calculated amount only occurs the first time the screen is opened.

§         Payout – Moving of the program suggested amounts for games only occurs on initial screen display.

Version 7.1.7 October 21, 2008


§         Create Golf Club – In some instances you could not create a new club and open it.

Version 7.1.6 October 19, 2008


§         Analysis Report – You can now select what types of scores to include in the report.

§         Override handicaps now take precedence over guest entered handicaps if both are present.

§         Handicap Audit – Golfers without scores but have a guest or override handicap will now appear on the report.  Before you had to have at least one score to be included in the report.


§         Create Golf Course – You could add golf courses with the same course abbreviation if the abbreviation was less than 4 characters.  Now they must be unique.

§         Build Teams – When you saved the teams and restored them back to the Build Teams screen the players would not come back in the same location.

Version 7.1.5 October 13, 2008


§         New Open routine that limits the clubs open to database in the same folder with the program.  It also checks to make sure the club is a version 7 format in addition to other validity checks.

§         Save Files As - Removed to ensure the database files remain in the correct folder.

§         Handicap Listing - Now guests and golfers with override handicap and no scores entered, will appear on the report.

§         Program - Removed the tab that moved the program to another folder.

§         Restore Function – Will check the backed up files to ensure they are Version 7 format.


§         Program – Were not being saved properly.

§         Score Detail – When output to a CSV file the gross score was in the wrong column it there were no individual hole scores entered.

Version 7.1.4 October 2, 2008


§         Removed the new Open routine which was not always accurate.

Version 7.1.3 October 1, 2008


§         The program now defaults being installed into the path c:\Golf Handy Cap Plus.  This was done to avoid the many issues of having it installed under the c:\Program Files folder.

§         Nassau – Can now be calculated off the lowest golfer’s handicap in addition to using full handicaps for both golfers.

§         Program information messages can now be turned back on after you have clicked “Don’t show me this again”.

§         Program – There is now a function that will assist you in moving Golf Handy Cap Plus to another folder on a non-removable disk.  This was added to help you move the program out from under the c:\Program Files path which was causing many issues.


§         Handicap Listing – Under some situations the handicap report came out garbled.

§         Miscellaneous cosmetic clean ups

Version 7.1.2 September 26, 2008


§         Program will no longer open a golf club that is not in the same folder with the program.  This was done to ensure that the files remain in synch and the backup and restore functions back up all golf club files.

§         The installation program warns that if you are installing an upgrade do not change the destination folder.

Version 7.1.1 September 25, 2008


§         Open Club – This now displays the Club Name instead of the File name.   It also limits the search to the folder were the program is installed.

§         Conversion Program – Enhanced error detection.

Version 7.1.0 September 24, 2008


§         T-Score methodology added to program.

§         Vegas scoring report.

§         Nassau scoring report.

§         Callaway scoring report. This report is only available for an 18 hole club.

§         There is a new registration code routine.

§         You can now have your own club logo print on all reports by putting it in the same folder as the program and naming it “ghcpuserlogo.jpg”.  The file should be ľ inch square.


§         Score Entry Screen – This screen can be resized to make it larger by dragging the lower right hand corner. This should make it easier to see on computers with a very high screen resolution.

§         Score Edit Screen – The number of rounds of golf now show below the round selection box.

§         Handicap Audit – Footnote added to explain bold scores.

§         Handicap Audit – You can now export the data to a Comma Separated Value file (.csv).

§         Handicap Listing – This report can now be run in either name of handicap sequence.

§         Handicap Listing – You can now export the data to a Comma Separated Value file (.csv).

§         Handicap Calculation – A handicap revision date has been added so that handicaps can be calculated based on your State and or Areas revision dates.  You have three options in setting the dates; Revision dates (input month and day for each revision date), Specific date, or All dates (the way the program worked prior to this release.

§         Handicaps – You can now assign a handicap/index to a golfer along with a reason code and this handicap will be used until it is canceled.

§         Handicaps – You can make all handicaps show a local handicap suffix (“L” or “J”) regardless of the handicap rules.

§         Team Scoring – Team scoring can now be done using Stableford and you can choose how many of the scores to count (e.g. count only the two best scores out of the four team members.).

§         Scoring Sheet – Handicap sequence now sorts equal handicaps by handicap .

§         Scoring Sheet – The additional player’s names are now not erased until the program terminates.

§         Scoring Sheet – Additional golfer names can now be entered to be printed along with members.

§         Score Cards – Multiple score card per page, space allowing.

§         Score Cards – You can now enter the percent of the handicap to use on printing blank score cards.

§         Score Cards – Yardage on score cards if you input the yardage in the course file.

§         Score Cards – Certain areas are shaded for easier interpretation.

§         Score Cards – Can now be printed with no, net, or all hole handicap dots.

§         Score Cards & Team Build – Now each club can has their own saved cards or teams.

§         Skin & Payout – You now have the option of excluding players from playing in the skins game.

§         Skin & Payout – You now have the option of payout the entire skins pool.

§         Skin & Payout – Skins can now be calculated off the lowest handicap golfer in the tournament. e.g. If the lowest handicap for the tournament is 8 then everyone will have their handicap reduced by 8 and then the skins will be calculated.

§         Score Detail - You can now export the data to a Comma Separated Value file (.csv).

§         Par 3 Markers – Changed to Nearest to Hole.  You can now select the markers to be for the par 3, 4 or 5 holes.

§         All date input – Now must be entered from the pop up calendar.

§         All sounds were removed from the program.

§         Screen instructions are now in popup form by clicking on the i button.

§         Flights – The method for calculating flights has been enhanced.  The methodology now is; keep the same number of players in all flights.  This is done so that everyone is competing with the same number of golfers. When there are extra players (e.g. 10 players in 3 flights would create 1 extra player) the flights will be assigned by using the combination of players that create the largest sum of handicap differences between the flights and not having more than 1 extra player in any flight.  This will ensure that the handicaps in all flights are as close as possible and still keep the number of golfers in each flight as close to the same number as possible.

§         Flights – You can now assign flights based on a range of handicaps or handicap .

§         Flight screen – You can now expand the flight adjustment screen so you can display more flights if needed.

§         Error information has been expanded to enable better problem resolution.

§         Command buttons changed in appearance.  The old style can be restored in the Edit | Preferences | Program Execution tab area.

§         About - Added code to identify the service pack and Windows Vista

§         All references to the very old non-Windows version (Golf Handy Cap II) of this program have been removed.


§         Golfer You can no longer add two golfers with identical first and last names.

§         Score Card – When editing a score the calendar now shows the correct date played.

§         Score Card – Putts not resetting on input in some cases.

§         Score Card – Par3s were not getting reset between scores.

§         9 Hole Reports – Some 9 hole reports were changed to remove extraneous information.

§         Edit Score – If changing tee or course the handicap did not get updated.

§         Create New Club – If trying to create a new club with the same file name an error occurred.  Now a message is displayed.

§         Payout – The Print and Print Preview buttons are no disabled if no golfer played in the tournament.  This can occur if all players were guests and the “Include guests” was not checked.

§         Payout– There was no payout to the last flight if it had only one player.

§         Build Teams – Positive handicaps not added into the team handicap correctly.

§         Team Play – No longer asks for a handicap for guests as the handicap will come from the one entered when the guest score was entered.

Version 6.4.1 June 13, 2008


§         Calendar – Changed the calendar to a different version which avoids some Vista issues.

Version 6.4.0 June 11, 2008


§         Handicap Calculation – If a golfer had a positive handicap the handicap calculated for this person may not have been correct.

Version 6.3.7 May 11, 2008


§         Score Add – If a score entered for a non-handicap person and it is updated with a double click it caused the handicap to change to 409.

Version 6.3.6 April 14, 2008


§         Score Add – Remove extraneous field from heading.

Version 6.3.5 April 11, 2008


§         Score Add – If multiple scores are added for a single golfer at the same time their handicap may not get updated between scores.

Version 6.3.4 April 8, 2008


§         Score Detail – Missing first page titles in some circumstances.

§         Score Cards – Fonts changes did not carry over to printer.

§         There is now a check to see if there is a printer defined on the system.  One MUST be defined even if none are attached to the system.

Version 6.3.3 March 27, 2008


§         Vista compatibility enhancements.

§         Score Cards – Dots printed are now larger for easier identification.

§         Miscellaneous cosmetic and performance improvements.

Version 6.3.2 September 18, 2007


§         Erroneous message was displayed if your task bar was on the left side of the screen.

Version 6.3.1 September 3, 2007


§         Help - Fix to some of the new .pdf help file.

§         Registration Upgrade registration fee changed to $19.95.  The upgrade fee only applies when the first number of the release changes (e.g. when upgrading from 6.3.1 to 7.x.x).

Version 6.3.0 August 2, 2007


§         Results & Payout Erroneous tie breaker message may appear when no individual hole scores are entered.

§         Create New Club - Fix error when creating a new club with the same file name as another.

§         Score Cards - Give option to print the net handicaps Dots per score card instead of all.

§         Help Data – The Help text has been moved to an Adobe pdf format because Microsoft no longer supports the Help facility being used.  This was done to support Vista.

§         Misc - Fix potential option setting error from registry.

Version 6.2.5 March 17, 2007


§         Error information expanded.

Version 6.2.4 June 18, 2006


§         Score Detail Report - Par 3 winners not correctly displayed.

§         Team Play -Team handicap not adjusted for percent of handicap to use.

§         Add Golfer - Active statue now the default for adding golfer.

§         Score Cards - Error occurred if no first name for golfer.

Version 6.2.3 May 7, 2006


§         Score Detail Report – Added totals for each golfer and the ability to sort the report by these totals.


§         Handicap Card Print – Only one golfer printed on a page after the first page.

§         Handicap Card Preview – Scrolling backwards did not work properly.

Version 6.2.1 Apr 5, 2006


§         Score Card Print – Could not show all golfers.

Version 6.2.0 Apr 5, 2006


§         Edit Member – If last member in club is deleted program would crash.

§         Team Play – If only one member in the second team that member would be dropped.

§         Handicap Cards – The date limit of the handicap was not working correctly.

§         Score Card – Future play dates not allowed.  Date must now be entered from the calendar.  Par 3 hole marks could be incorrect if the course was changed after the par 3 was checked.

§         Payout – 9 hole club low net may not be calculated correctly.  Skins not correct if flights were separated by sex.  The payout for skins had the cents added back so that skin values can include fractional parts of a dollar.

§         Scoring Sheet – Guests with positive handicaps were printing as negative.

§         All screens where dates can be entered – All dates now only be entered from a popup calendar.

§         Handicap Listing – Suffix was missing for guests.

§         Print Analysis – Guests designations incorrect.

§         Score Card Print – Dots representing handicap strokes are only printed on blank cards.  Date format was inconsistent.  Error when returning from print preview.

§         Skin Report – Guests will now be included as long as you are playing skins by gross and not net score.

§         Tournament Detail – Was calculating the front and back total pars incorrectly.

§         Flights – Flight letters now changed if all members of a flight are removed.

§         Restore – When restoring files backed up an error might occur under certain circumstances (e.g. restoring to a new computer).

Version 6.1.0 Jan 2, 2006


§         Backup/Restore - There are now functions that will allow you to backup and restore the databases.  This function is only available to registered users.

§         Score Cards - Scores cards can now be printed with member’s names and dots indicating the handicap strokes per hole. This report is only available to registered users.


§         Club Preferences - You can now set the way that hole scores are highlighted (e.g. circle birdies in red, etc.)

§         Club Preferences – The points for Stableford scoring are now set here.

§         Handicaps - Handicaps can now be calculated by including scores up to a date specified by the user (e.g. All scores, thru last month, or a specific date).  A positive (+) handicap can now be entered for a guest.

§         All Reports - When previewing reports on the screen you can now page backwards.

§         All Reports with flights -You are given the opportunity to move golfers among flights prior to printing the report.

§         Screen Resolution – The minimum screen resolution for the program is now 800 by 600.

§         Skins Report – You can now indicate the percent of handicap to use when calculating skins (zero percent is the same as calculating skins on gross score).  Skins can now be calculated by carrying over the prize money for tied holes (the way it previously worked) or without carry over.  The report now includes vertical lines to make it easier to read.  You can now have up to 26 flights and separate men and women.

§         Results Report - You can now have up to 26 flights and separate men and women.

§         Payout – You can now payout low net on front, back, and overall.  You can now have up to 26 flights and separate men and women.  Putts and Par 3s payouts are now automatically calculated if they are entered on the Score Entry screen.

§         Team Play/Team Build/Score Cards – There are now 5 methods of forming teams; by team handicap, random, top half bottom half, high and low, and by handicap.  The team handicap method has been dramatically improved and will ensure that each team’s total handicap or handicap is as close as possible to each other.

§         Stableford Report – Now totals the front and back nine scores.  You can now have up to 26 flights and separate men and women.

§         Score Detail Report – You can now print the Stableford score based on the current Stableford points set in the Club Preferences screen.

§         Guests – Guests can now have a handicap entered and be treated just like a member by having the handicap calculated.

§         Score Entry – The screen has been modified to accommodate entering front and back putts for automatically scoring.  There is a place to check for par 3 closest to the hole.  You can now select if you want to display the Stableford score while entering scores.  This will use the Stableford points you last assigned. 

§         The print Setup button has been removed from all screens and has been automatically evoked whenever a Print button is selected.

§         Removed the ability to hide and show the systems task bar.

§         Club Preferences Handicap rules - only the max HC or Index will show based on the HC method chosen.

§         Handicap listing screen no longer sizable.

§         Tournament Results & Payout reports now print the golfer with the lowest net score and will break a tie.


§         The Printer selection now will allow you to change printers more than once while still in the program.

§         Build Teams, Print Score Cards, & Team Play now keep the generation option last selected.

§         Missing quotes around some guest handicaps.

§         Various cosmetic fixes.

Version 5.2.6 Nov 14, 2005


§         In some cases the Score Detail report did not fill the entire printed page.

Version 5.2.5 Aug 20, 2005


§         The upgrade fee has been changes to $15.95 for registered users.


§         Program hangs while checking for updates and the web site is unavailable.

§         Minor fixes.

Version 5.2.4 Jun 14, 2005


§         Fixed members without handicaps being treated as 0 handicaps.

§         Editing Members and Courses will now return to the same entry when the update is pressed.

Version 5.2.1 May 19, 2005


§         Handicap calculation error fixed which was introduced in 5.2.0.

Version 5.2.0 May 5, 2005


§         A golfer with a positive handicap is now printed with a + sign in front of handicap.

§         Auto advance on score card is now saved.

§         Stableford scores now correct for 9 hole clubs.

Version 5.1.9 Mar 22, 2005


§         A golfer with a positive handicap was not being put in the correct flight.

Version 5.1.8 Feb 7, 2005


§         Maximum handicap was being limited by 54 for 18 hole and 27 for 9 hole handicaps.  This restriction has been eliminated and the maximum handicaps are now limited by the maximum golfer handicap or handicap .

Version 5.1.7 Sep 8, 2004


§         Add/Edit Member – Error 383 may occur when no members are in the club.

Version 5.1.6 May 6, 2004


§         The following reports will now work if there are multiple rounds of golf played on the same day as long as they are on different courses; Payout, Results, Skins, Team Play, Stableford, and Tournament Detail.  You cannot play the same course on the same day without creating the course two times with different course abbreviations.

§         Minor cosmetic changes.

Version 5.1.5 Mar 18, 2004


§         Some reports had problems if all players were guests and “Include guests” was not checked on the report screen.

§         Course Screen - Some tabs were out of order when entering data.

§         Results - When the report was greater than one page it did not continue on the next page correctly.

§         Skins - When the report was greater than one page it did not continue on the next page correctly.

§         Club Preferences | Handicap rules - for 9 hole only you could not change some of the parameters.

Version 5.1.4 Feb 3, 2004


§         State code of  “- -“ was causing errors in any screen that state code was selected.  “- -“ (3 characters) was changed to “—“ (2 characters).

Version 5.1.3 Jan 28, 2004


§         Edit Course - You can no longer change the course abbreviation.

§         Add Club - All club created will be saved in the folder where the program was installed.  This is to facilitate the future backup and restore function.


§         Add Course - If no club is open and this is the first time the program is run.

§         Handicap Cards - The extra handicap selection did not work when the course abbreviation was less than 4 characters.

§         Miscellaneous spelling errors and incorrect email addresses.

Version 5.1.0 Jan 5, 2004


§         Team play scoring   (registered users only).

§         Team building   (registered users only).

§         Tournament detail listing   (registered users only).

§         Score detail listing   (registered users only).

§         Handicap listing   (registered users only).

§         Par 3 nearest the pin markers.

§         Guests can now be included along with their handicap.

§         Upgrade fee now charged for release change for registered users.

§         Automatic or manual check for program update on the web if IE installed.

§         Initial flash screen changed to a round format.

§         Reports can now be saved as jpg or bmp files.

§         Preferences: You can now set the dollar amount use for calculating the prize money.

§         You can now double click on the file names to launch the program (double click on .hcg or .hcs files).


§         Window 95 no longer tested or supported.

§         Analysis:  Report now displays selected members even though they had no scores in the period.

§         Course Add: The course added must now include hole data.

§         Course Add: When adding a course, if there are no rates or slopes for either the men or women the program will now use the same ones for the ones omitted.

§         Course Edit: When deleting a golf course you can now ask the program to delete all members’ scores that are associated with the course.  You cannot delete a course if there are member scores associated with the course.  You should not delete a course if you are keeping handicaps for more than one club or you may cause the score database to be corrupted.

§         Handicap Audit – Now prints the handicap for each date played.  This shows the history of the member’s handicap .

§         Handicap Cards: You can now select a handicap to print on the handicap cards in addition to the handicap .

§         Import Golf Handicap II – Code removed and put in a separate program.

§         Member Add: Duplicate Golfer names are no longer allowed and the program will not allow them to be entered.  The duplication check uses the first and last name for the comparison.

§         Misc: Many of the options you select on each screen will now remain the same from one program execution to the next.

§         Misc: The initial delay for non-registered users was increased.

§         Preferences: The preferences screen reorganized to be more logical.

§         Print Preview: The task bar is now taken into consideration on sizing the report.

§         Print Preview: The titles no longer scroll off the top of the screen.

§         Printer Setup: Screen redesigned.

§         Results: Now shows front and back net scores.

§         Score Add: You can now cancel changes made when editing a score from the Add Score screen.  Prior to this you could only update the change.

§         Scoring Sheet: Extra columns can now be selected (from 3 to 9) and column titles assigned.

§         Scoring Sheet: Members can now be selectively printed.

§         Scoring Sheet: The number of extra lines can now be specified (0 to 99).


§         Delete key on payout screen now works correctly.

§         Course Edit: The course abbreviation can now be changed without causing a problem if only one golf club is being tracked.

§         Flights are now checked to ensure there are not more than players.

§         Second tee will now shows for men on add score (did not work when only two tee boxes).

§         Club Preferences: The maximum on the handicap tab are now set correctly for a 9 hole club.

§         Stableford: Handicaps are now set correctly for zero percent.

Version 4.1.0 May 9, 2003


§         Directions to online registration put on registration form.

§         Two state selections added whenever a state must be entered (blank and - -).


§         When adding scores the course, tees, and date remain the same as long as program is running.

§         When entering scores and a new member is selected the cursor goes to hole 1 for entering scores.

§         Spelling errors.


§         Delete key on payout screen now works,

§         Potential errors with database getting wrong length records.

Version 4.0.1 Mar 3, 2003


§         Handicaps for 9 hole play is now fully supported.

§         You can now change the date to print on the top of the handicap cards.


§         The preferences window has been divided into two windows, one for club and one for program.  The color schemes have been moved to the program preferences window along with setting for automatic program update check.

§         All reports have been modified for 9 hole play.

§         Handicap suffixes have been added whenever a handicap is printed.  They use to be printed only on selected reports

Version 3.2.4 Feb 10, 2003


§         Courses can no longer be deleted if there is a score associated with it.  The scores will have to be deleted first.


§         This list is now in reverse order so that the latest information is at the top

Version 3.2.3 Feb 9, 2003


§         Potential loss of a golf club when maintaining multiple golf clubs.

§         Tee boxes chosen when entering scores may have not selected the second one for men.

Version 3.2.2 Feb 5, 2003


§         Button placement problems on Course & Member screens on some displays.

§         Registration print form changed to correct ambiguity.

§         How Do I … section added to documentation.

Version 3.2.1 Jan 25, 2003


§         Removed the score card graphics and replaced with objects.  Resolves screen pixel variations.

§         Error when pressing update twice on the same person and date.

Version 3.2.0 Jan 17, 2003


§         ESC now calculating correct.  No action required on user’s part as the ESC score is dynamically calculated.  This got inadvertently corrupted in release 3.

§         Stableford selection now hide report selection list


§         You can now copy the reports to the clipboard from all print preview screens.


§         Printer setup routine modified to resolve some issues with default printers not resetting.

Version 3.1.4 Jan 7, 2003


§         Fix potential help file problem.

Version 3.1.2 Jan 5, 2003


§         The registration module to make it more flexible.

Version 3.1.1 Jan 4, 2003


§         Fix Intermittent help file location problem

Version 3.1.0 Dec 24, 2002


§         Fix HC audit for non-slope calculations. Now non slope does not show esc-rate.

§         Fix a problem with total fines adding into the total when a member did not have a handicap.

§         Payout screen was not saving the last step up correctly.  Now the games that are indicated from the last usage will be restored when the screen is displayed again.

§         Print display screens all changed to have their backgrounds display white instead of using Windows colors.  This fixed a problem with some computers showing the background as black and therefore nothing was visible.


§         Stableford report added to program.

§         Tool tips were added to all buttons.

§         Color schemes can now be selected form the Club Preferences screen.

§         There is now a small progress bar on the welcome screen so that initializing on slower machines can see the program is working.


§         User can now modify the payout values for low net and putts by changing the value in the Payout Distribution section.  The total payout will be updated accordingly.

§         Redesigned the Golf Course add/edit screen to group like functions on tabs (Course contact, hole data, and tee data).

§         Scores entered can now be edited without leaving the add score screen.  This applies to all scores added since the screen was displayed.  If you exit the screen and come back the previous scores entered will not be available to be edited.  You edit the scores by double clicking on it.

§         Score card redesigned to be more concise.

§         New command buttons added with graphics that change on hover.

§         Many performance enhancements (nulls, testing, etc.).

§         Multiple report display now shows Next Report in the menu when there are additional reports to display.  N it show Done only when there are no more reports to show

§         Download program file names are changed from setup.exe to ghcpXXX,exe where XXX is equal to the release number ( e.g. this release’s file name is ghcp310.exe).

Version 2.4.2 Jun 10, 2002


§         Skins Report will now print skins by gross even if there are no handicaps for members.

§         Overflow Error 6 fixed.  Cause by opening a file on a disk with large amount of free space.

§         Display a message when program can’t find the Web Browser from the WEB button.

§         Removed the bouncing golf ball mouse wait pointer.

§         Fixed a program error that occurred when a previously opened golf club file was on a network drive and that drive is no longer available.


§         Added a confirmation of printing when the Print button is pressed on the scorecard screen.

§         Added a button to the score add from to show all scores added since the screen was displayed.

§         Added the ability to select which label on a sheet will print first.  Used with printing handicap cards so that you don’t have to start printing at the top of the page.

§         Added a back button to all print preview screens to enable you to go back and change your selections, printer, and/or font.


§         Help files have been modified.

§         Combined the Printer and Font selection screens.

Version 2.2.0 Dec 24, 2001


§         Fix printing problem when printing multiple reports from Results & Skins.

§         Fixed error when entering a registration code with a blank name.

§         Fixed enable/disable save club toolbar icon.

§         Fix - If exiting from the main form by pressing the exit button (X) the message box Cancel selection now functions properly.

§         Fixed printing problem with third address line on the golf course report.


§         Added more wait cursors to help indicate when work is being done.

§         Added usage statistics under the Help menu.

§         Added sound effects for birdies and for net scores (score card screen).  This can be turned on or off.

§         Added a warning if while editing you make changes and press the Return button without saving.

§         Added code to ensure only one instance of the program is running at a time.

§         Added report (Payout) that allows you to distribute prize money based on low net and/or skins.

§         Added an Email feedback function (Help | Email) or from the tool bar.

§         Added a counter for the number of items checked in a list, where applicable.

§         Added the ability to run the printer's setup program (File | Printer | Print Setup).

§         Added a custom "wait" mouse cursor of a bouncing golf ball.

§         Added a button to print the scorecard screen.

§         Added a message to display if a score was added but not saved.

§         Added a button to link to Golf Handy Cap's Internet home page.

§         Added code to inhibit installing a new version of the program while any version of the program is running.  You will be asked to end the program before the install program continues.


§         Online Help has been enhanced.

§         Changed the Member report to include the “membership date” data.

§         Changed the Member report to allow larger size fonts.

§         Program now tested on Windows 95.

§         Revised documentation and Welcome install program to reflect Windows 95 will work.

§         Order of the dates played on the Score screen is now latest to oldest.

§         Redesign all screens to fit on a 640 x 480 screen.

§         Moved the total skins won towards the front of the line on the Skins report.

§         Indicate on printing progress bar what is being printed.

§         Give option to Hide or Show the system task bar from the View menu (for screen resolution 640x480).

§         Allow the toolbar print button to show printing golf courses when no club database is open.

§         Made all command buttons change color when mouse is over.

§         Eliminated some messages by disabling command buttons when they would cause the message.

§         The "Transfer new course to score card" button on the edit score screen now moves the courses handicaps, pars, rate, slope and abbreviation to the score card.

§         Changed the Handicap card printer adjustment screen to show movement in fractions of inch from 10th.

§         Changed Score entry screen to hide the calendar whenever a day is selected.

§         Changed the Score entry screen by adding a button to allow the scores already entered to be saved without having to exit the screen.

§         Changed the "Transfer new course to score card" button to be enabled only when the selected course differs from the "Date and Course Played" selected.

§         Changed the way you select the printer to use (File | Printer | Select Printer).

§         Changed the Course listing to include the pars and handicaps for each hole.

§         Changed the execution of the program so that the last club used will be automatically opened the next time the program is run.

§         Changed to program to automatically create a course database if install date is not present in the registry.

Version 2.1.0 Sep 17, 2001


§         Read only problem by saving the “Last State Used” as the index into the list instead of the value.

§         Problem with In, Out, and Total pars not updating when editing a score.

§         Program crashed when printing Scoring Sheet without any members in the database.

§         Fix to recalculate the ESC score if while adding the members handicap is changes.

§         Fix a print preview error when the window was closed via the Control Box.

§         Fixed problem with printing handicap cards on Ink Jet printers.


§         Minimum system requirements put on the Help and Installation screens.

§         Added an auto advance feature to the score entry screen.

§         Added a warning message if a member, course, or score was entered but not added to the database.


§         Changed the copyright notice.

§         Changed temporary disk free space and file length calculations.

§         Blank out “search” box after use on all forms using a search field.

§         Changed member’s handicap on the score form to a label for less confusion.

§         Changed some forms for cosmetic reasons.

§         Changed all forms to display on a minimum screen resolution of 800 by 600.

§         Removed erroneous “progress bar” on the handicap print form.

§         Changed scroll buttons to the UpDown button on all forms.

§         A warnings to appear when values were changed in the handicap sections.

§         Many more Tool Tips added to forms.

§         Registration coding changed.  A new Password is required and will be emailed to all registered users.

§         Tab order changed to a natural order on the member add screen.

§         Changed the ESC calculation rules.

§         Documentation expanded with more detail on Initial Setup.

§         Changed the way handicap scores are indicated on the handicap cards.

§         Attempt to set Arial as the current font when the program initializes.

Version 2.0.3 Aug 13, 2001


§         Only 12 labels would print on a page when there should be 15.

§         Miscellaneous fixes.


§         Added a Help button to most screens.

Version 2.0.1 Aug 6, 2001

§         Initial release.




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