What's new in Release 11

New Reports

Skins Scoring Sheet - You can print a blank skins scoring sheet.

Payout History -  The report shows the total winnings for a given period and is calculated from the Payout report.

Payout Each time you exit the payout report you have to option of saving the values that will be included in the payout history report.
The fine calculation now calculated on the course handicap without any mix tee adjustment.
Score Database  The size of the score database has been increased to accommodate saving the payout data for each round. This happens automatically.
Best Hole Score

 You can now limit the dates for the report.

Mix Tee Calculation

 The adjustment can now be added to the golfer playing the higher rated tee or subtracted from the golfer playing the lower rated tee. Prior the program only applied by adding to the golfer playing the higher rated tee.


 The percent of handicap to use can now be set separately for men and women.


 Now prints net to par for each hole.

Handicap Labels

 You can now add a user field at the bottom of each card.

Score Cards

 Blank cards can be printed.


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