Unsolicited user comments...

John L. "I love your software and it's east to use, thanks for the good work."
Mike B. "The support you provide for Golf Handy Cap + is beyond superior. I would like to highly recommend other golf groups to use your program."
Garey  M. "I was struck by its completeness, ease of use, and broad report (output) coverage.  That’s a fine piece  of software there, and I am glad we are using it."
Chaz D. "Your attention to this kind of thing amazes me, and I thank you so much. I recommend your software wherever I can. I hope others appreciate your prompt responses when a problem occurs."  
Rob E. "I love your product; I use it to run a league at my work."
Raymond T. "I really like your program, I have been using it for about 5 years."
Chris H. "Thanks for the quick fix, if only the rest of the software world could be so good"
Jerry H. "I have tried many golf scoring programs and yours is far and away the best.  I have used many on a trial basis that cost much more than yours and they do not compare."
Frank V. "I think your software is super!!"

Tom K. "I really like your software – best I’ve seen and I’ve been doing this for many, many years!!!"

Leilani "I recently downloaded your program Golf Handy Plus and sent my payment and I just love it."
Gordon K.  "My reaction is "superb" just what we were looking for"
Kenneth G. "Nice piece of software. Something I've been looking for a long time."
Jack W. "Great Software"
Kevin H. "I really love this program and have recommended it to several people."
John H. "Golf Handy Cap Plus is one jewel of a program."
Jerry W. "It is so easy to use and VERY STABLE compared to other golf scoring programs I have used."
Kenneth W. "Your program is very impressive and easy to use."
Stan A. "Thank You, I really appreciate your support."
John K. "I have tried several other handicap programs that did not fit my requirements.  This one did."
Tim A. "Great product. My golf club loves it."
Stephen K. "That's all for now, and thanks for finally making a piece of software that does what none of the other more expensive software does"
Michael L. "Hi - really like your software."
Robert S. "It is a great program and very easy to use."
William S. "You have done a great job!"
Alejandro N. "let me CONGRATULATE you for the very nice program... it works VERY NICE, keep up and Thanks."
Dorthy A. "Mahalo plenty for all your help"
Ken D. "I enjoy using your system.  I like the way you did the score cards and courses. It has all the reports I need.
Lars G. "You have a great program just as it is and the price is right."
David M. "It came highly recommended from a friend of mine"
Greg N. "Great program, by the way!"
Chuck L. "Love the program"
Gale G. "Still it is a great program. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!
Richard R. "Aloha! and Mahalo for your prompt reply and comments"
Scott A. "I like what you have done"
Shirley W. "I downloaded the latest version and it worked perfectly"
John G. "The generated reports are great, lot's of statistics"
Robert J. "Thanks for the quick response."
Richard T. "Great product and great value!.....Thanks again!"
Gregory N. "I've poked around the program update and it's great!"
John H. "Bottom line - pretty cool!"
Mary Lou B. "...the program does just fine for my golf league."
Bob B.. "Still a great package and great response to problems. "
Norman C.. "Great program!...really love the Team Play feature cause it's accurate and fun. "
Michael L.. "...an outstanding program – I used it this weekend for a family three day golf outing (12 players ranging from a +2 to +28 HC’s ) and it made the whole reporting thing a heck of a lot less time consuming."
William S. "I congratulate on a fine program."
Greg N. "Thank you very much for the unparalleled support."
Brian S.. "Good product, been using for years."
Bob B. "...love the program and its features."
John H. "Nice Work James! - We appreciate your dedication to your program.  All the improvements have been great!"
Brian M. "Thanks again for you fast support of this quality product."
Tim M. "So far the software is outstanding… league begins in Michigan in 3 ½ weeks…. Cannot wait !!!"
Stanley Y. "Thank you for quick response in solving my problem"


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