Please download the program and ensure it meets your needs before registering.

The program will function without registering with some restrictions

Once you have registered we will send you codes via email.  You then input these codes in the program.  Once the codes are input the program becomes fully functional.


There are two ways to pay the registration fee.

By mail:

Download the program and follow the instructions on the registration form.




Use PayPal and pay by credit card or eCheck. Your registration information will be sent by email to the address used with PayPal. 

We use PayPal because it is a highly secure system with over 20 million registered users, including more than 3 million business accounts.

PayPal accepts


$29.95    Select here if this is the first time you have registered.


Upgrades will only be honored if you have previously paid the Initial registration fee for any previous release.  You must use the same name with PayPal for the upgrade that you used for the initial registration.  If you have not already paid an initial fee and you select Upgrade you will not receive the registration codes and your fee will not be refunded.  If you have doubts about having paid the initial registration fee, before you select Upgrade, email us at and we will gladly let you know. 
$19.95     Select here only if you have previously registered .

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