Program Overview

Golf 'Handy" Cap Plus is the third version of highly successful handicapping program.  It was written to make it simple to keep tract of handicaps and to assist in running tournaments.  It was written by and has been used by a golfers for more than 18 years.


  • Windows 98 and above - The program is a Window application and therefore should be familiar to anyone who uses Windows.
  • Score Entry - The screen for inputting scores looks like a score card therefore it makes it simple to use.  You can either enter the total score for each member or a hole by hole score.  Entering the hole by hole score will also produce many more fun statistics such as what percentage of a members holes were birdies, pars, etc.  It will also enable the program to calculate skins.  Hole by Hole is the preferred method to enter scores. 
  • There is virtually no limits on the members that can be tracked (> 30,000).


  • 9 or 18  Hole Handicaps - You can have clubs with 18 or 9 hole play. You can mix 9 and 18 hole clubs if you track more than one club.  A single club can not be both 9 and 18.
  • Established  or Custom Handicaps - You can modify the rules for calculating handicaps. 
  • T-Scores - Automatic calculations.
  • Handicap Revision Dates - You can enter the dates for handicap revisions based on your requirements.


Screen Preview - All reports can viewed, printed, or saved.  This allows you to use the program without having access to a printer (e.g. taking the computer to the tournament and running the pay out report for prize distribution).

Reports -

Pre Tournament

  • Scoring Sheet - A listing can be used for posting scores.  It lists the member, their handicap for the golf course being played, and their current handicap
  • Course Signs - Nearest to the hole markers can be printed for all par 3's, 4's or 5's on any course in the data base.  You can choose the size anywhere form 2" x 3" to the size of the printer's page. You can also define what is on the sign e.g. Longest Drive, etc. 
  • Score Cards - Score cards can be printed with the available course data along with player's name and handicap for the course.  There can be from 1 to 6 player's per card.
  • Build Teams - Teams can be built with 2 to 6 members and then saved for future use be team play.  Teams are built in the same manner as the team play report.  Teams can be made up of any member or guest where-as in the team play function teams can only be built from players who played in the tournament.
  • Cart Signs - Signs to attach to golf carts and listing of the players and cart assignment can be printed.  You can also put your own image on the cart signs.
  • Skins Score Sheet - Blank scoring sheets to take to the tournament for calculating skins.


  • Payout  - This report will allow you to pick and choose several different games to play at your tournament and it will determine the winners (low net and skins).  The setup for prize distribution is all determined on the selection screen. The payout values can be saved and printed with the Payout History report
  • Results - This report lists each members gross, handicap, net, front and back scores.  It also list how many eagles, birdies, pars, etc. that was scored (hole by hole scores must be entered). Multiple rounds can be combined. e.g. two day tournament.
  • Skins - This report lists each member along with their score (gross or net) and circles the score that won the skin.  It also indicates how many skins were won.
  • Team Play - Team play allows you to group players into teams of 2 to 6 members.  They can be teamed by handicap, top half with bottom half, randomly, or manually.  Each hole can be scored in one if four methods; low net, high net, low gross, or high gross. You can also choose how many scores of the team to count.
  • Stableford Scoring - This report allows you to score a tournament using the Stableford scoring system.  You can modify points earned (form 9 to -9)  instead of using the standard scoring points.
  • Vegas Scoring - You can score using the Vegas method and it will score each foursome along with scoring the best Vegas scores among all pairs.
  • Nassau Scoring - You can now score as many players that you want using the Nassau scoring method.
  • Callaway - You can have the program generate handicaps using the Callaway method.
  • Tournament Detail - This report shows completed hole by hole scoring for each player for the tournament selected.

Other Reports

  • Handicap Listing - This report shows each members handicap/index and the results of their last round of golf.
  • Handicap Labels - This listing is designed to print on standard Avery labels which then can be attached to a standard PVC ID card or an Avery business card stock..  It lists the member along with the last twenty gross and ESC scores (indicating which scores were used in the calculation) and the current Index.  A printer adjustment screen is provided to make label alignment a simple task.
  • Handicap Audit  - This listing conforms to the requirement of producing an audit of the handicap system.  It lists all the information needed to perform the audit.
  • Score Detail - This report shows completed hole by hole scoring for each round for the selected members.
  • Analysis -This report will analyze any given period  It show the beginning and ending handicap , the high, low, and average of gross and net scores, the percentage of eagles, birdies, pars, etc. and other interesting facts.
  • Members - Lists each member, address, two phone numbers, email, sex, status (active or inactive), dues paid, and handicap .
  • Golf Courses - Lists each course name, course abbreviation (used on some reports), address, phone number, contact person, and all the Tee information.
  • Most Improved Golfer - This report show each golfer and their improvement.
  • Best Hole Scores on a Course -This report looks at all rounds played on a course and selects the lowest hole score for each hole. The result is a gross score for a hypothetical round where the golfer shot their best score ever on each hole.
  • User Defined Reports - This screen allows you to design your own report for the golfer information in the database and save it for running anytime.
  • Payout History - This report shows the total amount of money won for any time period from the Payout report.


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